Monday, July 6, 2009

12 weeks out - meet my trainer!

I am so EXCITED, but nervous to say I am 12 weeks out. WOW...

I now have my new program and am ready to kick some serious BOOTAY!!!!

meet my Trainer... Kimberly Agnew.


She brought a group of girls to the Empire Classic.

Team PhyZique


I am excited that she will be at the show. That is HUGE!!!!

oh and she is only 2 hours from I will get lots of posing help...which is MUCH NEEDED!!

Have a GREAT week everyone....



*ANA* said...


Anonymous said...

Oh she looks amazing! Can't wait to see picts of you on stage...12 weeks out woot!

April said...

She doesn't look at all like she knows what she is doing ;) LOL!

Wow! Good luck Tracy!!!!

C2 said...

I am impressed.

I know you are going to do amazing things Sweets.



Kelly Olexa said...

You are going to be AWESOME as usual!! ;-)

Barbara said...

Can i borrow her arms for the wekkend? Yowsa!

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