Sunday, February 22, 2009

One week of Boot Camp under my belt!


I have finally found the workout that I NEED and that is WORKING. After one week I feel UNSTOPPABLE!

If you live in the Pacific Northwest close to PostFalls, Idaho...GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

here is the link..

John Caylor the trainer is such a great guy and a truly has away of motivating, pushing and supporting you.

This summer is am going to be a 39 year old HAPPY, FIT BUFFMOTHER!!!!



Jacquie said...

Hey, Tracie. I just found you again after having "got to know you a bit" on the BFL Tracker site a few years ago. I'm going to enjoy keeping up with you on your blog.

Conni said...

Hi Tracy, I have NO DOUBT you will be a BUFFMOTHER by this summer. I am hoping a little of your belief & determination rubs off on me :)

Tracy said...

Hi Jacquie..... glad you found me. :)

Hope you have a WONDERFUL week!!!!


Tracy said... are going to KICK bootay this year as well.

We have the right mindset...

LEt's DO IT!