Friday, February 20, 2009


Another BootCamp this morning. It's fun to do a total different kind of training. Most of you know I have always worked out at home.. pushing myself. HA..I don't think I truly pushed myself. I NOW know what it feels like to be pushed. LOL

Today he had us sprint from wall to wall. At one end of the wall you did pushups at the other you did squats. We did this 5 times. reps being 10/8/6/4/2 (that was the warmup) Then we all got in a a circle..he called it the ring of fire. There was a list of exercises on the wall. Burpees, hill climbers, lunges, pushups, situps, squats, jumping jacks, (I can't remember what else..brian fog) Anyway...we went around the circle and each girl had the opportunity to pick an exercise and they tell us how many reps to do. It was a great workout. My legs were on FIRE! I really like how each day is different and challenging. Oh and at the end we did ab work. planks, planks with one leg in the air and then basic crunch.

While in the circle looking at all the women I couldn't help but think they ALL need to know about Hormonal Timing. I know for me it was frustrating to not understand why I was weaker, more hungry, stronger or less hungry. Figuring it all out has helped me SO MUCH!! Anyway, my goal is to bring my book and share it with them in hopes they will ask LOTS of questions and I can tell them about BuffMothers forum.

They all loved my camo BuffMother tank.

He lets us write our favorite quotes all over his wall. So PLEASE share with me your favorites.... I would love to hear from all of you.

This weekend is packed full of fun. Bootcamp in the morning..then I am going to watch a co-worker in a bench press my mom pack healthy foods for her trip to the UFC...WOOHOO... baby my sick husband... visit my grandparents and clean house. oh and MAYBE go to a Salsa dance sister is begging I told her I would go if she would join me at boot camp.


KEEP GOING STRONG...EAT CLEAN... TRAIN HARD.... and DREAM BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stef said...

Bootcamp sounds like hellish fun! LOL!!!!!

Love you, Tracy!!!!

Conni said...

Bootcamp sounds AWESOME! Hard but awesome! Glad you are enjoying it