Thursday, February 19, 2009

Glorious Thursday

Helllllooooo beautiful ladies....

I feel fantastic today.

Tonight is bootcamp and I'm a little nervous about it...but hey I will SURVIVE! It's so much fun to workout with other women... especially women who are in better shape and push ya. I have always worked out at home... so this is new to me. I need some camo workout wear. :)

I am SO jealous of you ladies going to the Arnold. Want to be there SO BAD. One of these days I will make a BuffMother gathering. Maybe there will be one in Las Vegas?? I have never been there so that would be AWESOME!

My son Austin started freestyle wrestling...YEAH! Love watching my kids play sports. Can't wait for little Karli to start playing them. She is my most determined kid and it's fun to watch her.


PS: Remember...Be Strong....Eliminate Every Excuse...Live each day Fully....Interrupt the effects of stress....Embrace Life....Value Love...Enjoy The Journey....AND ALWAYS BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stef said...

I wish wish wish you were going to the Arnold!

Have fun at bootcamp!


C2 said...

I am so jealous of you going to bootcamp! :)


~ Elizabeth