Monday, June 23, 2008

AWESOME time in Kansas!

I LOVED Kansas...even think I could live there. :)

What a wonderful weekend. It was all I expected and MORE.

The Kansas girls are the SWEETEST!! Elizabeth, Patty, Pam and Kay. I have never laughed so hard...these girls are a riot.

Elizabeth and Kevin went above and beyond to make this event something I will never forget. I can't even imagine all the hard work that went into preparing for it. Kevin is such a sweet humble man. (just like my hubby, Tom).

I just can't thank everyone enough for making it such a wonderful time. I am so happy Tom joined me. I know he will go with me again..he was talking about it all the way home.

Tom, Johnny, Denise and Suzanne golfed on Saturday. It was so much fun watching them. Troy Cook called while we were at the golf course. It was SO good hearing his voice. What a gentleman. I WILL take that road trip with the girls and meet you Troy. :)

Kenny Vaughn from Shields of Strength ended the night with a speech that was life changing. WOW...thank you Blake for making that Dream come True for me. I am forever grateful.

I have so much to say, but lots of work to get done today. SO I will end it with this. If you want a trip of lifetime..full of inspiration consider attending the Kansas Living Legends event. You will come home a better person..ready to conquor new dreams/goals. :)


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C2 said...

PERRY loves Kansas! :)

What an incredible weekend, eh? I am so emotional at the moment so it is hard for me to even type words to convey how I am feeling. :)

It was WONDERFUL to meet Tom... what a humble man he is... thanks for coming to Kansas and making it a success!

Love you to pieces Tracy! :)

~ Elizabeth