Thursday, April 24, 2008


Just a quick check in. I am on FIRE with my Attitude and I LOVE IT!!!

I keep envisioning myself as one "HOT" BuffMother success story. ;)

Payroll is COMPLETE and now I can breathe again. Don't know why I get so stressed, but I do.

Workout will be posted tonight for today and yesterday. Forgot my papers at home and I can't remember.

Eats have been right on.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day.

Let's ALL take time today and compliment ourselves. See the Beauty no flaws. WE ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDRFULLY MADE!!!

"God created me and I am always beautiful in His eyes.”

“With God’s help, I can have a healthy and lean body.”

“I celebrate my body and realize it is not the sum of who I am.”

“I can enjoy life without always thinking about how I look.”

“I am focusing on my strengths more than my perceived flaws.”

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Suzanne said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! Love ya!