Monday, April 28, 2008

Sleepless in Idaho..

Well, we bit the bullet and bought my DD a boxer puppy for her birthday. YES..a Boxer. Our intensions were to get a small dog, but while at the Humane Society I spotted one and told my husband how much I liked the looks of the dog. He was THRILLED because he loves them. They look muscular and strong. :)

While at FAME in Boise Karli met Monica Brant and was even though she was little...she just loved her. She couldn't quit talking about her. SO she asked me yesterday if she could name her dog Monica. I said how about Mo. Then she decided to add Jo for her middle name since that is her middle name. So I guess her name is MoJo. LOL


Needless to say I'm the one getting up with her at night to let her out to potty. But, she is so cute I can handle it. My motherly instincts have kicked in. ;)

I am on C day 24 and am spotting. I feel strong today. I have to admit friday, sat and sun I felt emotional. Started a little pity party in my head, but knew it had to be I fought it off.

Today was the grueling stairs at work. Four times up and down don't seem like much, but I was dying!! One of the miners hits it 25 times. I told him I will beat him by the end of this year. :) I LOVE competitions.

stairs at lucky friday mine

eats will be right on track. Elk, greens, apple, turkey burger, yams.


Hope everyone else is having a FANTASTIC week. Let's make it a GREAT one!!!



C2 said...

Aaah, what a cutie. I just love puppies! :)

Marijayde said...

We have a boxer and he is amazing! You will just love her, they are the best!!!

Susan said...

Just checking in to see how you are! Love MoJo so cute!!

Stef said...

I totally love the name MOJO!!!! And I love boxers...almost as much as I love huskies. My husky, Tucker, is named after a boxer of the same name!