Thursday, January 31, 2008

29 Days and Counting....

I am so excited to attend the Body for LIFE gala. I get so fired up when I hear the new champions give their speeches. Amazing stuff!

The Arnold is just as exciting. SO many people..blows your mind.

Shane told me they will have Body for LIFE seminars all day on saturday. Oh how I wish I could attend them. You learn so much.

Maria and I will be working our little tails off. No,fun. ;)

Workouts are getting pretty intense. My program is tough. I just envision all of YOU working hard and it pumps me up.

We have so much snow here in Idaho. Mind Blowing!

My son Austin is at Disney World with his grandma this week. Fun in the Sun!

Just a small update...but at least I updated. ;)

Have a WONDERFUL day everyone.


C2 said...

Oh how I wish I was going to the EXPO.... I just can't make it happen! :(

Love you Tracy! Keep on shining! :)

Christie said...

just wanted to pop by and say hey!! I'm slowly gettin back in the game girl. I'm so proud of you, you are a super star in my heart always Trace.

Suzanne said...

Hey Hey Sister!

You are rockin' it!!! Keep it going. Wish I were going to the EXPO also. Just doesn't look like its gonna work.

Love you and miss talking to you all the time!!