Sunday, February 3, 2008

ABS are made in the kitchen...

SO that means I will fight off the craving for a cheesy quesedilla. UGH!

Today I have not been feeling very well. No time to sit aound and whine though..mind over matter.

I have been thinking about the EAS Gala/ Arnold. It is going to be wonderful to surrond myself with positive, uplifing, encouraging people.

REMEMBER...your success truly does depend on who you spend time with.

As iron sharpen iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. - Proverbs 27:17-

One of the key qualities of all successful people is that they avoid negative people and they spend the majority of their time surrounded by those who have already achieved what they themselves seek to achieve.

So if your goal is to weigh 135 pounds by eating healthy and living a life pleasing to God - then seek out others who already live a healthy lifestyle and have put God in their life first.

Hanging out with people who just talk about getting in shape and walking with God but never take persistent action will ensure that you never reach your goal.

If you are feeling unmotivated or negative take a look at who you are spending time with.

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C2 said...

This definitely is one area in our life that we can take full responsibility. Look around you at the people we call friends. Does it make you proud or are you selling yourself short? Keeping successful people around you will help you to become more successful! Being around people who can accomplish their goals will allow you to accomplish yours!

As always, your blog is right on! Thanks Tracy! :)

~ Elizabeth