Friday, November 2, 2007

Until Today! Day 1

Life will work for me when I realize.....
I must put first things first!

The Law of First Things is a mandate for all of our lives. This principle encourages us to acknowledge, accept and embrace God first in all things we do. First, inquire of God. Then, listen to God. when you hear God, respond. Then trust God to lead and guide you. If and when we do these things, the Law of First Things ensures that God will reward us ten times over.

When you breathe, that's God. When you move, that's God. When you think about where you need to be and what you need to do, that's God giving you the power to take the through and translate it into action. When you speak, that's God. When you eat, it's God. For without God's love, God's mercy and grace, nothing you consider important would be possible. Truth of the matter is, God is FIRST. The law of First Things simply asks that we acknowledge it.

When you take your first breath in the morning, remember it's God who is making it possible. When you swing your feet over the side of the bed, acknowledge God for moving through you as the source of your life. Before you do one thing in the day for yourself or anyone else, thank God for every ability, talent, gift and opportunity that lies within you or before you. As you move through each day, keep God informed about what you are doing and ask that you be guided toward right thoughts and right action. And don't forget to invite God to participate in all of your activities. As your activities begin to bring you rewards, thank God first. If you make an earnest effort to follow the Law of Firt Things, you will never have to worry about being left our of God's good.

Until today, you may have believed that you needed to go someplace special to find the power, strength and love of your Creator. Just for today, be devoted to remembering, acknowledging, trusting and expressing gratitude to God for being present right where you are.



Stef said...

Miss you Tracy!


C2 said...

Yes we need to make Christ a priority in our life. I think you are allowing Christ to speak through you by your actions and you sharing your blog with us. It is amazing how one life given over to Christ can have an impact on thousands! Keep letting your light shine Tracy! Everything else in your life will work out. :)

~ Elizabeth

denise said...

Hey Girl,
I see you are embracing Until Today. I miss you and love hearing from you, so please, please stay in touch.

You are wonderfully made Tracy! Don't ever doubt it! Don't ever forget it. Be full of joy, knowing you are a rarity, a miracle, and one of God's beloved children.

Love you,