Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dream Team is in Motion!

Well, week one is behind Maria and I. WOW..was it BRUTAL!

I am SO EXCITED to be heading toward the stage again. It is the absolute BEST feeling ever. Lots of tears of sweat, but the feeling of accomplishment is so worth it.

Jonnae Taylor is my INSPIRATION and reason to push harder than I ever have. She is an amazing person who I hope to meet in person some day. I want to thank her and give her a HUGE hug.

Big thanks out to Maria for all your text messages and phone calls. Love,Love,Love you girl. I sure hope to see you next week. ;)

Lots of cool things in the works. I am SO BLESSED.

Family Updates...

Austin took 1st place again yesterday. WOOHOO!!!

Dustin took the time to draw a picture for our wrestling teams jackets. He did an incredible job. THANK YOU DUSTIN!

By the way I have to take a pic of the picture Dustin drew on my Grandparents satellite dish. He free handed the whole thing. INCREDIBLE TALENT!

Tom is working hard and getting ready for some serious hunting this month. He also joined the gym. :)

Christa looks icredible. She is really healing nicely. I truly believe she WILL be at an EAS event in 2008.

Well, I better get off my bootay and get to the gym.

I will update later I want to post Day 2 from Until Today. What a GREAT book.


Stef said...

Oh Sweets! I am so glad things are going well for you! Everything sounds awesome in your neck of the woods!

yay for training to hit the stage! Meeeee toooooo! Although, you already knew that. (I updated my blog)


thirtysomething said...

Thank you for the nice comments on my site! Awesome that you are heading to the stage again! Your page is definitely home for me lot's of great stuff, can't wait to see what is next!

Have an awesome day!

:) Tina

thirtysomething said...

Oh and will somebody please tell Stef I want in to her Blog too :)... Hope this isn't bad blog etiquette, but another BFL'er hitting the stage, I am intrigued....

C2 said...

Yeah Tracy... Glad to hear your spirits are high! Stay strong Sweets... :)