Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Today is a new day and a beautiful one at that.

Cardio complete and meals are prepared. I'm eating S Q U E A K Y clean and will not get sidetracked. Maria and I talked to today....we are still going to compete...we are not going to stress about an actual date. She is working hard with her school program and and I am focused on Sylvan and my sisters upcoming surgery. Christa is having her surgery July 25th. She has been such a trooper through this and I know she still has a long road to recovery, but if anyone can get through she can. She is an AMAZING inspiration to me.

Weight training tonight. I am so excited and just LOVE lifting. :)

BuffMother was in Oxygen this month. SO COOL!

My friend Elizabeth is kicking some serious bootay and truly is an inspiration to me.

There is so much inspiration around really keeps me focused and moving in the right direction.

Tom, Katie, Terry and Faith are doing AWESOME!!!

Enough rambling for now. I'll update later.

hugs to all of you.


Eileen said...

Always great to read your posts, Tracy. You have such great energy.

Are you still training with Tony? Just curious as you have not mentioned him in a while.

Kana said...

Hey girl...happy to hear your Birthday was awesome. I was beginning to wonder what happend to you. SUPER job on the eating.... Best of luck to your sis...still keeping her in my thoughts. Miss you girl- hugs,dede

C2 said...

I certainly will be saying lots of prayers for Christa and for you as well. Nothing but the best for you both! :-)


Stef said...

Hi Tracy!!!

Glad you are still in the competing game!


Trojan said...

GO TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!You sound so full of positive energy.