Thursday, July 19, 2007


This piece of the fitness puzzle has been weighing heavy on my mind. I often wonder how many people truly understand how important nutrition is when it comes to sculpting your body. The way I see it is ..if you don't have your nutrition spot on, you are wasting your time going to the gym. Yes, weight training and cardio are important, but they are only going to work if we feed our body the right fuel. Visualize that poor body working hard, but never receiving the fuel it needs to grow and sculpt.

The right supplements are important before and after we workout.

The KEY factor to putting on lean muscle mass is protein. We all know what types....chicken, fish, eggs, lean red meat. (elk, buffalo and moose are my favorites)

For carbs....sweet potatoes,oatmeal, lentils, steamed brown rice. I like to have them early in the morning and then taper off to greens later in the day.

You all know the drill....I'm just speaking outloud right now. BUT..if you are not seeing the results you would like..maybe you should take an honest look at what you are eating. Are you journaling every morsal that goes in your mouth?? Are you drinking your water?? Are you choosing a good tea over coffee and diet sodas??

I know when I am honest with myself I start seeing results. It's amazing how quick my body will change when I'm feeding my temple the proper fuel. I am even changing my way of thinking when it comes to free day or a free meal. I can ALWAYS make better bad choices. The Eating for LIFE cookbook is filled with wonderful recipes.

Keep going STRONG everyone.

EAT CLEAN, Train Hard and DREAM BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


zooman said...

Thanks for that post. I eat fairly clean, it's the portion control at dinner and the diet sodas I have a prob with. I really need to dig deep within myself to get where I need to be.

C2 said...

Tracy, you nailed it. Being HONEST with ourselves is key here. If we just THINK we are doing a good job, then we most likely aren't. If we really sit down and evaluate what we are eating, it usually makes a huge difference. It did for me and I am seeing amazing results FINALLY! Thanks for a great post!


~ Elizabeth

Stef said...


Kana said...

Tracy...what an awesome post. It is true. Thanks for the is a big one for me and this makes total sense. Sure miss you. Hope fires aren't affecting you. My thoughts are with your sis :)

B said...

I have finally learned the important of diet when wanting to achieve results- I use to rely on cardio cardio and more cardio, now I do less with a cleaner diet and I am getting better results

B said...

importance LOL it's early !

B said...



do you know of any fitness camps? and can you recommend some sites, I know that jen hendershot has one and cathy savage but any others?


Tracy said...

Monica Brant's F.E.M. camp look amazing.


if I could attend one I think it would be Valerie Waugaman's..

B said...

thank you!