Friday, May 11, 2007

Day 4: Inside Out

WoW...this chapter really hit home with me and I was just talking to my friend Sara Myron yesterday about how some days I feel like such a phoney to all my Body for LIFE and fitness friends. What I mean when I say this is I am so guilty of spending tremendous amounts of time and energy on my exterior and far too little time on my interior, which leads to such an empty feeling and lack of desire to TRULY help others. I know when I was on fire for the Lord I was on fire to help others and not just one liners.."GOOD JOB", "KEEP GOING STRONG", etc. I truly would pick at least three people a day and encourage them with a message that I truly felt came from the Lord.

I don't want to put on a facade anymore. I want to work on my interior more than my exterior. It will be then that I can truly help myself and most importantly others.

I remember at my first figure competition looking around at all the beautiful bodies and admiring all their hard work. But I can honestly say there were alot of gloom glow to them at all. It's then when you wonder if they have a peace on the inside. There is nothing better than an all natural face lift that comes from that glow because the Lord is living inside you and His light is shining through you.

The Lord is not interested in an instant makeover. When we surrender to him , he comes in and remodels us, inside and out, into totally new creations!

Father, Thank you for caring more about who I really am than who I pretend to be. Thank you that my facade never fools you, for you know your own creation from the inside out--and you, love me anyway! Lord, I give you permission to do an interior makeover on my life. I place myself, my whole personality---motives, emotions, hidden needs, and inner drives--in your hands. Do with me as you will, Lord. I want to be exactly who you designed me to be. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.


Miss Donna Lee said...

Tracy, you are precious. Don't be so hard on yourself, sweetie. The Lord knows your heart. You are so kind to everyone. Yes, we should all desire a heart that is pure and seek to do His will. I'm glad you have a strong relationship with the Lord. I just wish I had the determination, motivation and discipline to get an exterior like yours. Be proud, girlfriend.

KatieFeldmom said...

Happy *early* Mother's Day!!!!!

Michelle Legg said...

AMEN sweet Tracy.Satan has been having an extended field trip with my mind lately.The only way I can and will be victorious is to spend time each and every day with Jesus.We are such a threat to Satan and that is why we experience such a spiritual warfare.I am grateful that Jesus reached down from Heaven and rescued me from SELF.HE will mold us into something beautiful, all we need to do is being available and willing.Love you my friend