Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 3 - Family takes priority..

Yesterday my grandpa's yorkie was having breathing problems and since they were out of town I spent the day with him loving on him while he received treatments throughout the day at the vet.

The chapter was on control and honestly I just didn't have time to reflect on it, but I will say one thing.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up. James4:10

What I did reflect on is how important it is to lay down MY agenda at times to help family, friends and even strangers in time of need. I feel I can get very selfish and IF things don't go MY way then I can easily get frustrated...which leads to self sabotage.

I didn't do that yesterday. I ate clean, did 30 min of cardio and then laid it down. In the past I would have freaked about missing another workout in a week...feel like a failure and then let it snowball into another missed workout or even worse bad food choices.

NO MORE....I am going to take Life day by day. No need to stress over little things and it made me feel so good to help my gramps..who would be very sad if anything happened to his little Teddy.

Speaking of Grandparents.......
My Grandpa and Grandma are both 80 years young. They are AMAZING people. I am planning on a professional photoshoot of my grams in her workout clothes on her treadmill. She works out every morning 1st thing for 45 minutes. My Grandma INSPIRES me and I want a huge poster of her for my training studio that I will open some day. :)


Lori said...

I LOVE that poster idea. My grandma is 87 and she refuses to be old. She has had a few stroked, cancer, broken bones, etc and everyone wants her to go to an assisted living place and she thinks she's not old enough. She refers to people younger than her as old but SHE'S NOT OLD. It is so cute.

Sara said...

Yes, Tracy, take each day one at a time. The blessings and the troubles! Do your best with whatever the day brings you, just like yesterday. Priorities will come up and push other things aside. I'm so glad you were able to just take care of and love on the pup!

Love your blog!

Eileen said...

Great post today....

And I am surprised, but in a strange good way, to hear that you actually MISS workouts! I am new to this whole Tony thing and am pushing hard as is to be expected, but today it was a little harder than usual to make myself get to the gym and I wondered what would be a good enough reason to miss a workout. Thanks for putting it in's just one workout out of an entire lifetime.....

Mia said...

Hi Tracy,
you are an incredible inspiration and I love ya though we may never meet. i think tony would have told you to do just what you did. he has kept me in check over the first two weeks better than i could have done myself. he pushes but he knows what is important and that's why i think he will be training me the rest of my life-my future husband betta like it :).
i always feel your posts deeply :)
you lift me up:) now get crackin on todays workout ( LOL )