Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a HEADACHE...

Geez..I have been trying for two days to get back into my Blog account so I could post. I was about to give up when I tried one more time and I am. LOL

My workouts have been KILLER. I absolutely LOVE them and never thought I could be this sore. WOW..what a great feeling.

Tony is so uplifting and truly helps with the mental part of the whole journey. Which, I think is the most important. Getting real with yourself and truly undestanding why we do what we do. I can honestly say before starting with Tony I was getting out of control. I had no goal and with my sweet sister being ill I was really getting in a slump. But, after alot of thought I decided I must have a plan..keep ahead of my game and keep my mind, spirit and body healthy. Afterall, that is truly how I can help Christa.

I am so excited..we might go to Seattle and spend Easter with her. She needs family around her right now. I think if we surround her with LOVE and LAUGHTER she will feel so uplifted.

By the way ALL the cards, flowers and especially PRAYERS have been HUGE. I love all my fitness friends and let me tell you ...each and every one of you are an ANGEL.

Now, that I know how to post again I will keep ya all updated daily. :)

workout complete and eats are right on track. YIPPIE

PS: Beka is kicking some serious bootay today. She is HOT!

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Lori said...

Tracy, I am sure your sister would love that. You two are so lucky to have each other. Glad you are back on it and I see you are using Tony. I have not heard one bad thing about the guy. You're going to do even better this time and I sure didn't think that was possible by your last pics.