Wednesday, March 21, 2007

C r A z Y shot from the Arnold.

I LOVED working for EAS at the Arnold.

I pray I get another job with them. :)

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Christie said...

OMGGGGGGGG...finally you have a blog...I am so happy, I am doing the "happy dance"...oh girl, I will go into detail on my blog later today, but I have such big decisions to make in the next few months, and it is weighing so heavy on my heart...sigh...I hope all is well with your sister...and that God is scooping her and your family up in his arms to give you strength and faith. Wooohooo for you and Tony!! I know all your dreams and goals WILL come true Trace!! Love you girlie.

Tracy Fit for LIFE said...

How the HECK did you find me??? I started this blog to keep myself accountable. HA..I can't believe you found it. LOL

Guess what? I can't figure out how to post. I used to have a button push and now it's gone.

I don't think blogging is for me??