Thursday, March 29, 2007

The sun is shining in Idaho!

I am SO ready for summer. The sun is shining here today and I am so excited..maybe we will get out and golf with the whole family. With five of us, it isn't a quick game that is for sure. :)

This morning I did yeserday's shoulder/bicep workout. Just like Stacey I LOVE working my shoulders. Strong, Sexy shoulders are the ticket. ;)

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Next I would have to say a strong sexy set of abs. It's frustrating because my abs are the first to go and the last to come in. I love them when I get real lean, but my diet has to be squeaky clean for weeks before they appear. I know people who have a six pack even when their lower body isn't super I guess that makes me an Apple shape??

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Next...a nice set of glutes. This is where I need to work. My bootay looked a little flat to me in my competition pictures. I want that nice round Ali!

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Just a few body parts to share today. And trust me I KNOW I shouldn't compare myself to others and I am learning to look in the mirror and like what I see. BUT..I can still admire others and use the visualization to pump me up!

It's so cool how our body keeps getting better and better when we don't give up. In 2002 I was in the absolute worst shape of my life and today and think I look better than my after photo from the Body for LIFE challenge.

So Let's keep moving foward ladies giving Tony 110%...



Christie said...

What do you mean how did I find you...silly girl, I clicked on your name when you commented on my blog...and...walaaaaa! I love your blog, it gets me PUMPED UP!! Will you email Maria's addy, and I need the one for Christa too please.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at hot bodies for motivation! Your abs are amazing!!!
I love being a TonyDiva! Woot! :)

April said...

Awesome abs! I am lucky that I am one of those whose abs or in my case ribs just show:) I want the bulging out muscle like you have!!

Trojan said...

Well i just signed on with Tony too...Yikes:)

Is there room for another diva?

Tracy, honestly you looked fantastic at the Gala but I totally understand always having a new goal.

I want your abs!!!!!

Oh..this is Barbara in Austin.

Anonymous said...

Oh awesome another TonyDiva!!!! Woot! Welcome Barbara in Austin :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Barbara can I have an invitation to read your blog? :)

Trojan said...

Stacy..totally. I'll email you.

Tracy said...

I want it too Barbara..PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Thanks! :)

Trojan said...


Email me at

Laurie said...


I just "discovered" you on Tracker and sent you a couple of PM's so I won't stalk you (like I am Tracy) anymore by sending you an email too - but yes, I want an invite.

Tracy - who is that first girl in your post - she's beautiful! (as of course is the second!!).


Tracy said...

Laurie that would be Jamie Eason..she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

you look great