Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I love car salesmen....NOT!

Geez...what a headache it is to go look at a new vehicle. You can't just look have to sit and talk to a salesman and they don't want to let you leave unless you sign on the dotted line. I was so confused today I seriously told Tom..we must slip out of here and go think about these numbers somewhere private. UGH!

Needless to say we did not buy the Tahoe. THANK HEAVENS!

Whenever my husband has a day off it is time to spend quality time with it throws me off. I usually get up and get my workout complete before he wakes up, but for some reason he woke up with me. So I had to shower and leave without getting it accomplished.

I have found out a few things about me in the few days I have been training with Tony.

#1. I MUST workout in the morning.

#2. I CANNOT put my flax seed oil in my oatmeal. {{{BARF}}}

#3. I love the fuel he is letting me eat. I really am excited to eat and don't feel frustrated.

#4. I'm not as strong as I thought I was.

#5. Ketchup is a weakness of mine.

#6. 10 min of Tony's style of cardio after my weight workout just about KILLS me.

I'm sure the list will grow as I continue.

Bottom line I am LOVING his program. WHY OH WHY didn't I hire him a LONG time ago? I knew Stacy was SUPER happy, but I didn't realize what a gold mine she had struck. Thank you Stacy...TONY ROCKS!!!

Have a GREAT evening everyone.



April said...

I too am glad I found Stacey's blog awhile back. I kept thinking should or shouldn't I? Then and I did and voila. No more stressing out and lbs are dropping, veins are appearing, and size small bathing suit on my butt!! He is probably really excited to work with you, how bad can your before pictues be? You are hot! ps. love flax oil in my oats:)

Angela said...

I too am soo glad that i have tony! Never in my life have i looked forward to working out and eating i look forward to getting my email with my workout to see what i get to do tomorrow!

Tracy said...

oh April..what kind of flax do you buy?? I gagged the oatmeal down and don't think I will ever attempt it again.

I like to just take a shot. Same with the ACV and LJ. lol

Do you girls have a DreamBodies t-shirt? I was wondering if Tony sells them? Guess I'll have to check that out.

Anonymous said...

Your so welcome!!!!
I am so excited that you all are working with him and that you all love him as much as I do! He is just outstanding :)
As for the t-shirts I don't think he has anything yet...I made my own a long time ago but he so needs to do that!

Laurie said...

I'm with you on the morning workouts, but the oatmeal is the only place I can put the flax (my 2 yearold calls it Mommy's oatmeal juice) - I use steelcut oats (the only kind of oatmeal that the texture doesn't make me want to barf) and I have Barlean's flaxsee oil (if that helps). And #6 and Stacey/Tony- I'm with you 100%