Tuesday, August 4, 2009

YAKIMA trip.....

was SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Tom got lots of rest and was able to play golf, while I spent some quality time with Maria. I just love her mom and dad.... so SWEET!! Maria's mom made Tom homemade Enchilada's and tortilla's. YUM... I sat there drooling.

I also tried making a tortilla... BOMB! LOL

wish I had pictures, but my battery was dead from the night before. I got some great shots of all the girls. Will post later.

Here is a preview of our BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!


I CAN'T wait to go back for the wedding August 22nd. GOOD TIMES FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!

Tom sees the cardiologist today. Please keep him in your prayers.

Workouts and eats are going GREAT... I AM IN THE ZONE and on FIRE!

Hope you are all doing AWESOME!



April said...

Watch out Tracy is in the zone!

I'll keep Tom in my prayers.

C2 said...

Love the 'bling' on her finger! LOL

Definitely will be praying for Tom. Keep us posted.