Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009 and brrrrrrr

So here we are starting a new year... YEAH!! I am ready for sure... :)

This is the fourth year in a row the guys jumped in the lake. They call it the Polar Bear plunge. I was soooooooooo cold watching them, but when it was over with this year I year I WILL join them. They seemed so happy and my brother told me he honestly felt rejuvinated. LOL I think he had brain freeze going on.

Awesome Interval training, but my eats were not all that great. I didn't eat enough. But I'm not going to stress about it. Tomorrow is a NEW DAY.

Anyway... hope ALL you beautiful, sweet ladies have a wonderful year. It's time to set some high dreams/goals for ourselves and reach them all. My biggest goal is to get my finances turned around, my marriage ROCKING, my kids more healthy and of course I will be spiritually and physically fit beyond belief. I honestly feel strong about this. Something happened to me ... I am LOVING it.

Blessings to all of YOU!!


Tracy - 1Tim4:8




Stef said...

Happy New Year, Tracy!!!

Love you Bunches!


Jessica said...

Happy New Year! That water looks way to cold for me!!!


C2 said...

Kevin told me about the polar plunges and all I have to say is INSANE! :)

Love you Sweets....

And yes, 2009 is going to be ROCKIN!