Monday, January 5, 2009

Marvelous Monday

AWESOME intervals at 4 am this morning. Hurt so goooood.

I am so stoked to be back in the game mentally. I WILL reach my goals and I WILL be a Hot BuffMother this summer at the beach.

My knees were kinda bugging me at the end of the intervals. I think it was due to not enough water over the weekend?? So I will make sure and get my water down.

I am in the early stages of getting my BFL challenge organized. I hope and pray to get at least 10 women to sign up. It's going to be good for me to speak each week. I have come a LONG way in this area. I was watching my first video from my very first speaking engagement with EAS. Oh my heck... I am shocked they asked me to speak again and again. LOL What I said did come from the heart.. so I guess that is what matters.

Hubby is going to buy us snow shoes... that is going to be AWESOME! Maybe I will find some antlers.. as silly as it may seem it's like winning the lottery when you score a big ole deer, elk or moose antler. > (Yes, I am a dork from Idaho)

Ok chicky poo's let's have a FANTASTIC week. Reach ALL your goals, Eat Clean, Train HARD and DREAM BIG!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody ever read the Five Love Languages?? I have had it in my closet forever and a girlfriend recommended it. Any thoughts??




Anonymous said...

I have read it but I have looked at them online. Let me know how it is!

Needed to read this post today. I didn't get up this morning with the assumption I'd just go to the gym tonight but it's been nasty out all day. No slacking though. I'll work out at home if I have to!

Anonymous said...

Oh. Meant I have NOT read it. Oops.

C2 said...

The reason they keep asking you to speak is because you DO speak from your heart Sweets... People love that about you! Who wants some fake person up in front of the gang talking smack???? :)

Keep letting that light shine bright!