Tuesday, December 30, 2008

YOU are Beautiful!

So I have been thinking about how being physically fit truly does bring out the best in us. I remember when I was in my worst shape ever how crabby, mean and jealous I was. It was not fun for me, but especially for my sweet hubby and kids. UGH ...why he stayed with me I'll never know.

Why would I ever stop working out and eating healthy when I know how it makes me feel. Just like when I attend church I feel unstoppable and FULL of love. I just want to hug and love on everyone. I want to help other women feel the same feeling I feel. And that is why I have to be on top of it. I must stay in the Word and I must continue this fit/healthy journey.

I am on Cycle day 4 and I am SO EXCITED to start Buffing. WOOHOO!!! The past three days have been a little stressful and my energy was so low. BLAH..so I am READY to feel strong and UNSTOPPABLE!

I heard a song on the way to work today. The words are so powerful. Here are a few that I remember.

God Made Me... God Made YOU.
I am Incredible - YOU ARE TOO!
Life's a Miracle - so are YOU and God made you Beautiful..so beautiful..beautiful..so beautiful.

NoOne walks like you, talks like you, looks like you. Noone laughs like you or moves the way you do. God made you so Beautiful - beautiful - so beautiful.

Whispered in your ear.. you're my child and I Love You. You are so beautiful..so beautiful.

Wish I could remember all the words. But the bottom line is each and every one us is UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL and full of LOVE. Embrace who YOU are ... Embrace YOUR gifts. We all have purpose and we all can use that purpose to help others. How awesome is that!

Have a WONDERFUL day .... Love ya!



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Kelly Olexa said...

What a beautiful post. Just like the author- beautiful inside and out. ;-)