Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let's Rock n Roll.....

Ok so today I am BUFFING CD5... WOOHOO!!!

Upper body workout
Chest/Tri - Bench, Incline fly, Tricep Extension, Dips, Pushups, 7 for 7 and Intervals.

Myoplex lite, coffee, buffing pill
Eggs Oatmeal, natural peanut butter
romaine lettuce, spinach, chicken, ranch
tuna, lettuce
brocolli, elk and udos


I am so on FIRE baby... nine weeks until the Arnold Classic.

Hopefully I will get to see some HOT BUFFMOTHERS strutting around. I am hoping my sweet hubby will come with me so we can check out the event AND last year there was a UFC fight going on the same weekend. YEAH!

I was watching the 700 club last night and they were talking about Our Purpose in Life. This has been on my mind lately. WE ALL have a purpose and we should be striving to fulfill it. Ever since i was a little girl I LOVED muscles and fit bodies. My girlfriends thought I was weird looking at MuscleMag. I wasn't weird it was all part of God's plan for me. :) I just HAVE to get past the FEAR (fear is not from God) and embrace my gifts. I WILL DO THIS ... 2009 is going to be AWESOME!

A poem for all of you....


If GOD is Love,
And God made you,
You must be that same love too.
If there's no place that God can't be,
Then God's in you and God's in me.
From the smallest bug, to the tallest tree,
God's in everything we see.
The grass, the weeds, the birds that sing
And on and on till you name everything.
There is nothing else, there is nothing greater,
There could never be, if only one creator.
When the load seems heavy,
And the way seems dark,
Remember and know with all your heart....
Wherever you are, start from there,
God's there to, God is everywhere.
Remember God is love
And God made YOU,
And God's the light that sees you through
The light's in you, the light is love,
The light is God and God made us.

Author UnKnown


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