Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting on that stage for a second time....

It gives me butterflies in my tummy to think I WILL be walking on that stage again. I am SO EXCITED..but also NERVOUS!!


I do know one thing FOR stage presence needs improvement.

Maria and I took a posing class from Tanji Johnson. I learned so much..but I think so much that I was overloaded. I am going to relax, smile and truly ENJOY the show.


The highlight will be having the people I love there to support me. Tom, kids, mom, sisters, ELIZABETH and KEVIN name a few. :)

I'm off to do my workout. Hope you are ALL having a WONDERFUL day.



Susan said...

Tracy you are gorgeous! No doubt in my mind you will do fantastic at the show in October!

C2 said...

No worries Sweets....nothing but peace and love!

Can't wait for October! xoxoxo