Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Do U Wanna or R U Gonna???"

That quote comes from our special girl Jonnae.

I can't get those words out of my head and I am so glad because I have made the decision to compete again. YES...I TRULY DID! This time it's GOING to happen...cause I'm GONNA!!!!

I finally feel more comfortable in my job and life is good. The day I announced my show date I felt this fire in my belly. I have been bouncing around HAPPY!!

I hung the flyer in my office to remind me every day what I'm Gonna Do. It's funny how some people say "OH GROSS..what is that?" and others are real curious asking me questions. It's all good. Not everyone has to like the physique of a figure competitor/body builder, but that is what makes us all unique. :)

M A R I A is in TOO. She and I each promised each other that we WILL do this show together.

So what show....

2008 NPC Washington Ironman Championships
October 4, 2008
Everett Civic Auditorium, Everett, WA

I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



C2 said...

WOOHOO Tracy!!!! And your show is on my birthday! How awesome of a gift is this for me! I know you will succeed honey, I just know it! :)

Love you!

~ Elizabeth

Tracy said...

Thanks are the BEST!!!!!

April said...

I'm so excited for you! WOO! I can't wait to see your dedication again :)

Claudine said...

Same day as my show, here in Montreal :) Let's count the days togheter! ehheeh!