Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A little Change...

Okay..so last night was my 1st BuffMother workout. OH MY HECK!!

I thought I got a good workout at home...BUT I was WRONG. Using the Smith Machine was a new experience. WOW!

I seriously thought I was going to puke three times and by the time I got home I went to bed. I was exhausted, sore, shakey and still pukey.

I am not very strong either. My lower body looks the way it does because I wasn't giving it 110%. I now know what a GOOD lower body workout should feel like.

My confession is. I couldn't finish the workout. I have never pushed myself so hard..even when I was competition training.

I'm going to do whatever it takes to get that killer Bikini Bod for summer.

My eats:

7:30 protein shake, raspberries, hormone pill and super CLA
9:30 ground turkey breast, CLA
12:00 3 eggwhites, strawberries, cucumber
2:30 Turkey burger, cucumber
5:00 protein
7:30 protein

I know my meals need to improve. It is SO hard for me not to drink the protein. It's quick and easy. BUT I will get better!



Squats - 10/8/6/10 x 3 = 0/20/40/50 - 50/50/50/50 repeat
Knee Extensions - 10,8,6,10 x 3 - 30/40/50/30 repeat
Leg Curls - 10/8/6/10 x 3 - 20/30/30/20 repeat
walking lunges - 2 x 15 - holding 20 lb dumbbells

Simple 7 for 7

I did not do the Bulgarians (will look these up - never heard of them)
Plie butt squats - legs were like Jello

I am SO embarrassed to admit that I did not finish my workout. The good news is I KNOW I am going to get stronger and I will get through it.

Hope everyone is having a joyful, blessed day.



Colorado Kid said...

Dang, if you did not finish it must have been a tough workout!!!!

Thank you for all the support and love you give to the BFL family!!!


C2 said...

You ROCK Tracy....

Bulgarian lunges are the bomb and if you think your legs are sore now, holy schnikes Lady, hold on to your britches! :) I'll send you an e-mail to show you how to do them. :)

Love you!

~ Elizabeth

Stef said...


Kelly O said...

Rock ON Girl. I just ordered the Buff Mother stuff on hormones, I can't wait to read and apply. Keep up the great work girl!!!