Thursday, February 21, 2008

7 days until the EXPO!

Other than my chest/head cold I am READY for this.

Maria and I are on cloud 9 and SO excited to see everyone. I will arrive I'm hoping to see some of my friends that evening.

My friend Treasa wrote this to me today. It really made me think and I know this is truly what I want as well.

I want to be a woman of Christ who loves at all times and thats the truth. I want to be pure in heart and be HIS hands and HIS feet. GOD is such an awesome wonder. Its such a priviledge to serve him. I want women to be encouraged that we always have hope and that hope is Jesus Christ. Even when life seems hard and we don't know how to get to that other side, or were in bondage to sin... I want to be someone that will come along side my brother, my sister and never to judge but to HELP THEM!! I want the heart of JESUS..... I want the passion of Jesus!!!

It is such FREEDOM!!! I have such a hard time with being fleshy..I guess it's just normal to react right away to stuff...rather than think it through and respond in the spirit. It really does no good (especially to myself) to get offended easily. I am going to work harder on this. I truly want to to love others without judgement. I truly want to help others and to do this I must show Christ's love at all times.

I'm just rambling outloud.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day today. The sun is shining in Idaho.



B said...

have fun at the expo! I am soo jealous!

Kana said...

Hey girl-enjoy the expo! One of these years I will make it! Instead, my huscand and I are going to the NASCAR race in Vegas. I will be thinkin' of you! Miss you :)

C2 said...

I soooooooooo will be missing you in Ohio..... Have fun and enjoy yourself! :)


~ Elizabeth

Susan said...

Just checking in! Enjoy the Arnold wish I was attending this year! Big hugs to you and everyone from me while you are there!

Any chance you will be at the Olympia?