Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Mom just called.....Christa is out and the doc said it went VERY well. THANK YOU JESUS!!

They cleaned it all up and put the flap over the opening. Now for the recovery..they said about 5-6 weeks.

THANK YOU so much for all your phones calls, cards, love and support.

You are ALL the BEST!!!


Suzanne said...

Alright! Thats great news!!!!

C2 said...

Very very cool! Will continue with the prayers during her recovery period! Thanks for keeping us posted!


Kana said...

Thanks for keeping us updated Tracy..and thanks for the email. AWESOME NEWS!!! Tell Christa I said hello....and let me know if I need to send another round of those strawberries to keep her mind off things. Love ya girl-Dede

Lori said...

So very happy to hear this. I knew it would be good news though. Never doubted it.

B said...

I love to hear good things like this! how great and I wish her continued strength