Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A New Beginning....

Today is Christa's surgery date. She went in at 9:00 am. I can only believe that this surgery is going to be a fresh new start for her. She is going to be healthy and full of life.

Christa survived a terrible car accident her senior year in high school. She is strong mentally and I know she is going to get through this with flying colors.

If she comes to your mind today will you please say an extra prayer for her.

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PS: she mentioned taking a road trip so she can meet all my wonderful fitness friends. That would be an awesome trip!


C2 said...

Tracy ~

Praying for you and Christa and praying that God gives her full healing, and you both hope, comfort, and joy! Take Care Sweetie! I'll be thinking of you both today!

~ Elizabeth

Stef said...

I am sure all will be good!


Udenia said...

What else but the best could be the end result for such a beautiful angel! And she is your sister to boot? WOW? Got room for one more? :) I will keep her in my prayers tonight. Luv ya, Udenia