Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who is in your Flock???

As I was reading my daily emails from my fitness friends I was thinking about how blessed I am to have such a huge, positive support group. My flock happens to be all long distance friends, but that is okay. I love and appreciate each and every one of you.

Who is in your flock?? You have to be very careful about this and especially when you have goals you are trying to reach. Don't let negative words or people bring you down. Rise above that and be a leader. Hopefully your positive attitude will rub off on them. LOL

If you are giving out positive there is no doubt you will get back positive. Maybe try to pick three people daily and send them an uplifting message or drop a card in the mail to them. Envision how you feel when you get an unexpected card, phone call or gift... then turn around and do just that for someone else. It makes me smile writing this.

Okay...enough talking about it. I'm off to encourage someone today.

PS: I took my husband, brother and sister's before picture last night. We are on a mission to help them achieve their Body for LIFE. I am so EXCITED and will keep you posted. ;)


C2 said...

Tracy, having a positive attitude and helping others definitely has helped me throughout my fitness journey and although my road is still long, I know with the help of others (like you), I will achieve all of my goals and live my dream!

Again, thanks for a wonderful post!

~ Elizabeth

Lori said...

They are lucky to have you to show them the way to a better life. Good luck to them on their challenge.