Sunday, May 6, 2007

Faithfully Fit

I am starting a new journey for the next forty days. I not only want to be fit, but I want to be Faithfully Fit.

Week 1 - SURRENDER (se ren' der) v. 1. to give up possession of. 2. to abandon or relinquish control. 3. to give oneself up, esp. as a prisoner.

I am ready to begin this forty day journey to being Faithfully Fit by surrendering it all to God. I know He is able to do "much,much morn than anything I can ask or imagine" I am going to completely TRUST and I know once I do this I will be able to accomplish some pretty great things.

I don't have a desire to be fit and be a role model just by chance. I know there is a greater reason and I just need to stay on that narrow road with alot of focus and determination. Will it always be easy?? NO, but it will be worth it.

So if you want come along side me..let's head down the narrow path together..not only getting physically and mentally fit, but most imporatanty spiritually fit.

It's then that I not only believe we succeed with our own Dreams and Goals, but it's then when we can help others as well.


Kana said...

Hey girl..beautiful post. I've never heard it put this way. GREAT THOUGHTS! Hope you are doing ya, Dede

April said...

I love reading your posts Tracy. It helps that you are a hottie but even if you weren't your messages are so uplifting!!

Julie True said...

Hi Tracy -
I found your blog via Stacy's Diva list a bit ago and I just HAD to leave a message today about your faithfully fit post. I had been thinking a lot about "surrender" the last couple of months and yesterday I just got WHAMMED with a lot of Surrender type messages through two different morning devotionals and again at church. So when I saw this post this morning - I had to laugh - maybe I should get down on my knees - ok ok already, the message got through ;o)
Is your 40 days of being Faithfully fit from a book or just something you are doing on your own? Seems like I read a book like that once.
Sorry to go on and on since you don't even know me, but I just wanted to say that your goal of being fit AND a role model is a wonderful thing and you reached me today.

C2 said...

Lovely post Tracy. I'm ready to walk down that path as well! :)



Tracy said...

Thanks for stopping by Kana. Love, Love, Love ya girl.

April...hey you so glad to see you here. When I'm through competing in September my cheat treat WILL be your WONDERFUL Raspberry Toffee. ;)

Julie..isn't it great when you get WHAMMED. LOL I have that happen to me and it's unfortunate that I usually have to hear something at least twice before I GET my message.

Yes this is from a book title "Faithfully Fit", but I'm kinda modifying it to suite me personally. I think it's going to be a great devotional.

Let's Do It Elizabeth. You are such a sweet soul and I'm SO GLAD we have become friends.

xoxoxo to all of you.