Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day 2 - Surrender/the problem is ME

I think the coolest thing about the whole fitness journey is that I have the power to choose how my day is going to go. I can wake up with a plan and stick to it OR I can fail miserably and find someone else to blame..or something else to blame.

WE have to take responsibility for our actions. You can Choose to go to lunch with friends and not cave..ordering something that is on the plan or you can blame them for pressuring you to join them and since you made the choice to go you say what the heck I'll just join and eat what everyone else is eating...because it's just too hard. You can go to a birthday party and have your cooler packed with your authorized foods and bottled water or you can go and with no plan..end up getting hungry so you join in and then the next day blame the person who threw the party. I don't know maybe none of you do this, but I have in the past. It's easier to blame someone else for my failures rather than take responsibilty. It's all about CHOICES...how bad do you want it??

So let's Choose to have a plan, Let's choose to get our workout accomplished, Let's Choose to have our meals and water available to us at all times. Let's choose to surrender it all to the Lord and let Him fill us with His awesome power and strength. He truly cares about you and as you exercise be aware that the Lord is with you. Offer your time of exercise as a physical expression of thanksgiving and surrender.

Real change can begin when we are willing to see ourselves as the problem and the love of God as the answer.

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MichelleInFlorida said...

Wow! Very powerful post, Trace! You did it yet again.........