Monday, March 26, 2007

Shes got LEGS...

Well, I will have legs....after that workout. GEEZ...Tony is trying to kill me in the first week. I have never felt so sore and tired. The first time I read 10 min cardio I thought...what the heck..that is a breeze. LOL..I don't feel that way anymore. UGH!

I have to run to Coeur d'ALene today to take my son to Sylvan so I'm gonna look for a nice little cooler that I can pack all my eats in. It's cute using my daugthers little pink lunch bag, BUT I think it's time to invest in something that holds more than one meal. I need to get the big daddy that will hold at least a weeks worth of food. Since we will be traveling to Seattle to see my sister I want to be prepared. :)

Fail to plan...plan to fail! ~right Tony...;)

I am really working on visualizing. Seeing my body Strong, Healthy, Lean and Defined....cause afterall we ARE Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.


PS: it's my 16 year old sons 1st golf tournament of the year. He made the Varsity team as a Sophomore and I am very proud of him. GO DUSTIN!

PSS: THANK YOU so much for the phone call Stef. You are so good about picking up the phone and keeping in touch. Love ya!


Angela said...

I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I saw your blog through April...hope ya don't mind. Im a "child" of Tony's too! Im in my 5th week! I absolutely love him! He is the best!

Tracy said...

Ah happy to meet you Angela. Us girls must stick together.

We are going to ROCK on Tony's program.

Stay Strong!!


Stef said...

Hey! I found you!!!!!!!! I am so happy you are blogging!


Stef said...

Oh yeah....i got the book!