Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Over due update.....

Well kiddos... time if FLYING by and even though I am ON FIRE and EXCITED about the show September 26... doubt is creeping in. I KNOW to take any negative thoughts captive and I WILL..

I am excited to annouce that Linda McVetty will be competing at the same show. YEAH!


I was fortunate enough to see Diane Robertson. STARJUMPER ... in Sandpoint last night. She is on a MISSION and if you are reading this check out her blog.

If she will be in YOUR area please help in any way you can. It's a great cause.



Kelly Olexa said...

Holla!! Just checking in to say hi! Thinking of you! ;-)


C2 said...

Linda is an amazing woman. It will be great to have her on the same stage as you Princess! :)

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