Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April's blog .... SO GOOOD!!!!!!

April, I hope you don't mind me posting your blog on my page... but it was SO GOOD I could not resist.

Tony's quote

"I'm Maintaining" is another way of saying I'm choosing to NOTHING. Greatness comes ONLY to those who continue to knock down the walls of Complacency. YOU will be the only one responsible for the legacy you leave behind. Tear it up and leave one for all to remember...Get out my way!


After I saw this I quit having a pity party for myself. I am NOT happy at 120. I am better than that. I will fight my body for all it's worth to get where I want to be. I'm still eating my strawberries though ;)

So you can't lose weight? Well you aren't pushing yourself then. You're happy where you're at? BS! You're just lazy and don't want to put in the work. You don't know why you can't lose weight? I've been there too, hire a trainer they work miracles...IF you do the work.

I'm trying to get myself on the treadmill LOL! I think that did it!




April said...

Awe, thanks :) I've been in such a depressed mood lately that I prayed and now look what's happend! I'm on fire again!

C2 said...

Awesome post from an awesome woman! I love April (and you too).

There is no such thing as maintenance. I think we all learn that the hard way!

Keep on pushing on (BOTH OF YOU).

God has great plans for each and every one of us!