Wednesday, April 1, 2009

4:00 Am lower body COMPLETE!

I must say drinking my Natural Calm helps me so much! I get to bed at 9 and sleep like a baby. Makes it nice to wake up refreshed..ready to conquor the day.

Chicken, cucumber,yams, eggwhites, oatmeal, Jay Robb protein on the menu so far today.

I ordered some Miracle Noodles. Excited to get them...YUM!

Weather still stinks here in Idaho. SO READY for some sun. My friend Marc was telling me to take a 15 min break every hour at work to get my Vitamin D. He said smokers do it... so I should go take a drag of the sun...just INHALE! I thought that was cute. SO SUN.. please COME!

Hope everyone else is having a GREAT day!

Eat Clean, Train Hard and DREAM BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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