Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Positive Self Talk

Struggling with being unhappy with yourself or your physique? Struggling with getting thru your training and cardio?


Pick 3 positive statements about yourself, your physique, your strength, whatever makes you feel good about YOU! Try repeating the statement three times.

For example, when I get in the weight room I will look in the mirror and tell myself I AM A STRONG BODYBUILDER. Just using the word BODYBUILDER makes me feel strong and mentally ready to hit my 10's.

I use phrases such as, "I am Strong. I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. I am Determined. I am a Cardio Machine! Then when I'm tempted to eat something bad, get down from other people's negative comments, or feel like I can't finish my training, these phrases pop in my head and keep me going.

You will struggle with temptation, people will say inconsiderate things to you about your physique, and you will feel like you have nothing more to give. HOWEVER - You are ultimately in control of your actions. No one makes you quit early on your cardio, lift half heartedly, or eat that donut. Be strong, love yourself, and ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS!

Tracy Jeffries

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Conni said...

Again thanks! Your words always help me get through the tough times!