Thursday, February 5, 2009

MIA .... but for a good reason!

So after watching....


I have been focusing more on my HUBBY!

Oh my heck that movie is something else. It really touched me personally and I think I watched it six times before my daughter Karli said "not again mom... you cry too hard and it makes me sad."

The good news is I realize how many areas "I" need to work on. Geez... it is so easy to always complain about our spouse ~ blaming them when really a person should look in the mirror.

I am working on my physical body and my spirit. I want that Holy Spirit "GLOW" again. I know when I am on fire for the Lord I look so much prettier. What is going to be different this time? Well, I am going to get that glow and Tom is going to notice. I am going to quit being so selfish and focus on being kind, respectful and attentive to his needs.

It's FEBRUARY.. the month of LOVE. Plan something fun and special for your hubby.





April said...

Cute picture Tracy! Happy Love month :)

Stef said...

Much love to you!


Carolyn said...

I heard that movie was great! I guess its time for me to go on out and get it too! I so agree with you. I want that Holy Spirit glow back too! My husband is turning into a big teddy bear and I want to keep that going. :) Ahhhh LOVE, the greatest gift anyone could give or receive. Thank our Lord for giving us that gift first. God Bless and Happy Love Month to you!

~ Carolyn

C2 said...

Carolyn is right on when she said LOVE, the greatest gift anyone could give or receive.


~ Elizabeth

Jacquie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVED that movie!! It really affected my hear and my attitude as well.

Do you have the Love Dare book??