Thursday, November 13, 2008


Dani (SupaFreak) sent me the CUTEST Body for LIFE pendant. She made it and I absolutey LOVE IT! Can't find my darn camera so a picture will have to come later. Thank you so's a gift I will treasure FOREVER!

I am seriously ON FIRE. My workouts have been awesome, my eats have been 100% authorized foods and the Lord has given me enough signs lately that I KNOW He is with me, loves me and wants me to succeed in all areas of my life.

Maria turns 30 November 18th and she is having an birthday party in Yakima. My sister and I will go and I am excited. I finally get to meet Maria's family. TOO COOL!!! The party is an all black or white party. HMMM..I wonder if I will make the cut and be able to wear all white...or if I will have to hide in black. LOL I just know I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready to see my abs again. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that feeling. I am not meant to have pudge on my belly. Unfortunately, it is the last to go on my body and I have to eat squeaky clean for them to really pop. IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love ALL of YOU so MUCH!!!!!!

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” –Tommy Lasorda

“Extraordinary accomplishments only happen when your passion produces extraordinary effort. If it doesn’t consume you, be ready to accept mediocre results.”– John Rennie, Duke University Soccer.

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s heaven for?”–Robert Browning

“Sweat plus sacrifice equals success.” –Charles O. Finley, Oakland Athletics Owner

“The ability to prepare to win is as important as the will to win.”–Bobby Knight


JocelynD said...

Just dropping by and saying hello :) It's been a while since I've been in blogland and figured I'd catch up. You sound wonderful!

Kelly Olexa said...

I'm loving that you are ON FIRE!! Me too!! Let's be those contagious examples of Christian women doing great things, making great lives and loving it!! You are awesome! You inspire me so much.

zooman said...

And you forgot my favorite..."Lead, follow, or get the hell out of my way" ... glad to see you got your mojo back, not your dog, lol, your motivation!
Later tater,

C2 said...

Lovin' it! :)


Stef said...

Love you!