Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Money .... I am on a roll to not only get my spiritual, physical and mental act together I am ready to get my finances in order as well.

Been reading lots of great stuff...problem is I tend to get overwhelmed by reading TOO MUCH.

I would lOVE to get some tips. I don't think very many people read my blog so I may not get much advice here...but I am going to ask anyway.

I know my first step (which is going to be hard) will be to document EVERYTHING Tom and I purchase over the next 30 days. It's just like a food journal...if you have to write it down you think twice before eating it. So I know it will stop the madness of buying unnecessary STUFF.

Baby steps Tracy Baby steps.



Susan said...

Hi Tracy!!

I'm here (waving hand-over here-you know the East Coast Pinehurst) and I read your blog! Great post especially now!

Just 2 helpful suggestions. One place the receipt for that purchase within that categorized envelope. And secondly even with the best planning, make an envelope for incidentals or unplanned expenditures.

Love ya!

C2 said...

Writing down what you spend is good advice. Never taking money out of the ATM. That's a big one. Seems like once you have cash in hand, it's gone! :(

Really sit down and plan out a budget. See what "unnecessary" items you are paying for that you REALLY don't need. You will be amazed to find that sometimes we are paying for "extras" that we don't really need.

When Kevin and I REALLY started watching what we spent (5 years ago), we were amazed on how much money we actually COULD save. We stopped going out to eat or buying NEEDLESS things. We stopped being impulse buyers. If we really wanted something, we saved for it, including vacations, trainers, shopping sprees, new furniture, etc...

Those are just a few of our tips... hope they helped! :)