Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I will NOT get sick, I will NOT get sick!

I am going to ignore my symptoms of a headcold coming on this morning. Mind over Matter ...right?

AWESOME lower body workout last night. Lunges hurt so good... blah!

My oldest turns 18 December 1st. BOOHOO...where did the time go? Any advice when it comes to communicating with my alien son would be greatly appreciated. He is existing..but really doesn\'t interact with the family much anymore. I hope this is just a phase.

I am so excited to have a four day weekend. WOOHOO!! I am going to focus on getting organized. I want to get all my food prepared and packed in my cooler so I am not tempted to chow down all the unhealthy food on the Thanksgiving table. I believe if we keep ourselves hydrated it helps with hunger as well. So lots of WATER!

Enough rambling...Not a very inspiring post this morning.

Love ya ALL!


I will add this fun picture of my son Austin and his friend Dylan. They are being goofy...but the best part is what Austin's shirt says. LOL



Stef said...

My step son turned 18 today. He is an alien too!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Kelly Olexa said...

Take Vitamin C and get some rest. Works for me every time.

April said...

I can't believe you have a child that old!'s a magic potion!

I'll pray for you :)