Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I absolutely LOVE getting up early and getting my cardio done! It makes me feel so STRONG mentally and ready to conquor my day. It's amazing how good we feel when we work out and eat right. Gosh..I have no idea why I would ever get off track. I guess kinda like my spiritual walk when I get off the narrow road I remember how much I need my Lord and Savior. I rely on Him daily.

The good news is my mom is catching the bug and has joined a gym. WOOHOO!!! I am ecstatic about this. She is such a beautiful person and gives of herself constantly...so to see her get healthy will be a dream come true for me. I told her in July at her 60th birthday she is going to be HOT! LOL

I hope everyone is hitting their 10's and spreading the love. PLEASE remember to pick a couple people per day to encourage. It's amazing what a kind word can do for someone. I remember during my challenge my mom and sisters sending me cards in the mail. I knew they were watching me and I didn't want to fail them.

Love ya!


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Stef said...

Love ya, girl!