Monday, November 10, 2008

Game ON!

I have been on track for 10 days...woohoo...ten days people!! LOL

My workouts have felt so good and I actually even enjoy my lower body. The workouts hurt so gooood, but I know that is where I need the most work...SO WORK IT baby.

As far as being debt free. Well, it's been four days since I started writing everything down. WOW..what a difference that makes. It really makes a person stop and think...DO I REALLY NEED THIS or is it a want. It's going to take some discipline and determination to stick to this. But, I am IN CONTROL I will succeed with my spiritual, physical and DEBT FREE goals. :)

I love watching all the VLOGS. YOU PEOPLE ROCK!

Have a SUCCESSFUL week everyone.



Anonymous said...

Dave Ramsey is fantastic, and what a great speaker! I watch his show on the money channel all the time.

I haven't done the envelopes yet, but I do track all spending. Oh boy!



Kelly Olexa said...

Tracy thanks so much for your prayers! I so appreciate it.

Also, Love that you are working on budget, I want to share this challenge to me and my readers on my blog, its more fun to attack debt/spending together right??
We are not alone!!! Woo hoo!


C2 said...

I got chills reading your post today! YOU rock Woman... Keep up the great job! You inspire soooo many!