Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two things...

First and foremost Trojan (barb) posted that it is National LOVE YOUR BODY Day. Take a moment to compliment yourself. See your BEAUTY and smile HUGE when you look in the mirror.

Second. OH MY HECK!! Lori Albers posted this on her Diva Blog today. THIS is what I needed to read and need to read every day! THANK YOU LORI!

You are Not Me: I am Warrior

Those who have achieved great success have stated that it's lonely at the top. That may be true, but it sure feels lonely on the road that will take me there, as well. If loneliness is what I must endure to breathe my dreams to life, then so be it.

Sometimes I look in mirror and I wonder who am I and what am I becoming. My life is consumed with living for this dream. My dream is to achieve a mind and body that will separate me from the rest of humanity. I am not like the rest. Everyone seems to think that I am obsessed or too fanatical in my pursuits. They can think whatever they like. They are not me: I am Warrior.
It has been stated that the definition of a warrior is one who engages in conflict, struggle or warfare. I plead guilty to all of the above with pleasure and with no apologies. This is a war. This is my war! It is a war where retreat is not an option and surrender will never take place.

I never retreat, nor will I ever surrender. When my body is too weak to fight, my mind pushes me beyond my physical limitations. And then, when my mind is too numb from the battle, my body takes over and carries me to the another victory. When I feel surrounded by temptations and mumblings of envy, I raise my head high and I smile, because I am unshakable!

In this war my enemies come in all shapes and sizes. My body is my temple yet the unhealthy foods call me to surrender. My body thrives as I train, yet it beckons me to stop and rest -- even when I don't want to. My mind sees and feels the birth of my new body , and yet it also whispers words of negativity. I pursued my enemies and I overtook them. I did not turn back till they were destroyed. I crushed them so that they could not rise; They fell beneath my feet (Psalm 18:37-38). Back up, back off or I will roll right over you!

With every bite of clean food I put into my mouth, my body becomes more alive. With each and every rep and set I complete, my muscles scream back to me with earth-shaking power, "You are Warrior!" I am warrior and live to feed this dream with my life's blood. I do have a war inside of me and it will never cease until I breathe my last breath. One day I will find my last breath with a dumbbell in one hand and protein in the other.

All those around me question my intentions and they even question my daily decisions. But they can't slow me down, nor can they kill my dreams. They ask questions of me not to seek answers but to challenge my lifestyle. They ask, "Why are you doing this?" My answer to them, "You are not me: I am Warrior".

Yes I confess, there are times when I feel that I want to quit. But I know better than to let my feelings direct my dreams. I am warrior and I will cause my motion to dictate my e-motion. While the fire may grow dim at times it will never burn out nor will it ever fade away. My dreams can't be faded, neither can I.

It is the war within me that drives me through every workout, every clean meal and every confident thought. The meditations of my mind are endlessly empowering and they speak victory to me. I look at the foods that seek to rob my body of its beauty and I say "you lose". I look at the weights and barbells that seek to conquer me and I say "you lose". I am unshakable. I am warrior.

I put nothing and no one before my dreams except God. And it is He, the Lord, who gives my dreams life, breath and flight. Therefore, I run with passion towards what is rightfully mine. What the Lord gives me, no one can take away.


Kelly O said...

awesome post!! Awesome!!


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Yup...I just printed it off!


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Beautiful! Love it! xoxo