Monday, September 29, 2008

Old Body for LIFE friends..

I finally was able to contact a few of my "old" Body for LIFE friends who I have been missing. To my surprise once I located their email's they wrote me write back instantly. I was SO excited and HAPPY!

Thomas Just got back from a certification course in NYC and is heading back out to do other cert in October, November and February. Not to mention he is doing a natural body building show on October 25th … and his lovely wife is doing her first figure competition that same night.

Aaron is working on another project with a friend of his at the moment in a slightly different industy. He informed me it's a little hush hush, but will let me know all about it when he is allowed to.

Michelle #1 is letting her husband train her now and says its pretty fun. She is also considering another figure show in November.

Michelle #2 just went through Hurricane Ike with flying colors. Thank You Jesus! She is wanting to set some new goals for herself which include spiritual, physical and mental. She mentioned we have three months left in the lets make them successful.

Here is a quote she sent me.


And Porter is finalizing his new book. :)

What amazes me is it seems 95% of my Body for LIFE buds are constantly bettering themselves. Why shouldn't they?? I feel if we don't have new dreams/goals in store for us then what do we have??

After reading Beka's blog I am READY to put SPIRITUAL fitness first. I KNOW from expereince when that is #1 in my life then everything else just falls into place for me. I don't have to stress about the small or big stuff. If God is on my side then how can fail? I CAN'T!

I asked Elizabeth if there is going to be a Kansas Body for LIFE event next year, but she isn't sure. Oh please...please....please. :)

I am really getting focused and ready to hit my 10's in ALL areas of my life.


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C2 said...

We certainly are going to try and make the KS BFL Event happen next year! WooHoo! :)

~ Elizabeth