Monday, May 12, 2008

60 years of marriage.... Grandpa and Grandma celebrated 60 years of marriage this past saturday. What an accomplishment. :) I hope to share pics of them later. They are both 80 and you would never guess it. The most amazing couple..I love them more than words can express.

Mother's Day was good. Tom and the kids gave me a massage gift certificate and my hubby made me breakfast. Karli tried to give me a neck massage, but it was more like a tickle. Austin bought me a four pack of Red Bull. LOL...I guess he thought it was a 'health' drink. Dustin is at his state golf tournament, but he did text tell me and told me he loved me. :)

Watching all these girls enter figure competitons is really giving me the bug. Ever since I started working I have really put off my fitness goals/dreams. I need to reprioritize and get it together. I don't want another year to go by...time is really flying and I'm not getting any younger.

The Kansas Body for LIFE event is approaching FAST. I am so excited and the most exciting part is Tom joining me. WOOHOO!!!!

Tom has his mine resuce competition this weekend. I'm nervous for him, but I'm sure they will do great.

Hope all of you have a WONDERFUL week.


Susan said...

Just checking in to see how you are doing in the other Pinehurst. 60 years of marriage-WOW! We just celebrated our 18th I can't imagine celebrating 60.

Let me know when you and Tom want to come for a visit!

All my best,

Trojan said...

60 years ia amazing....!

Glad you had a happy moms day:)

C2 said...

I can imagine living with Kevin for 60 years! :)

Can't wait to meet Tom and see you again Sweetie! :)

~ Elizabeth

April said...

That's awesome! Mine just celebrated 61 years!