Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday = 14 hour day :(

So I didn't get my workout in yesterday. BOOHOO!!

I got up at 4 am and then worked until 8 pm. I KNEW to do it first thing in the morning, but I was so focused on kids and work that I blew it off thinking I could get it accomplished in the evening. WRONG!

I know better.

Today is a new day and I will get my workout in.

Eats for yesterday =

nectar cappuccino shake
salad (greens, cucumber, edamame) tish of organic raspberry vinegerette
tuna, strawberries - tish of Braggs liquid aminos on tuna
salad again
shake - ugh...working late no choice
two bites of chili (not good)

Today so far...

elk steak, greens

only 1/2 gallon water yesterday. Today I will get it all in.

took my BuffMother supplement.

need a good fat.

oh I ate a few Icebreakers sour tropical candies yesterday. at least it wasn't chocolate.


my workout....


Plyometrics walking pushups
3 x 10

Dumbbell pullover

2 x 15

chest flat dumbbell flies

2 x 12

chest seated press
1x12 and 2x6

incline dumbbell chest press

2x12 and 2x6

pec deck flies

lying leg raise
2 sets of 25

trunk curl and crunch 2 sets of 25

treadmill 15 min

PS: Elizabeth I promise to get back to The Battlefield of The Mind. xoxo

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C2 said...

No worries! :)

Love you!

~ Elizabeth