Monday, November 5, 2007


Tonight I will mark off another successful workout.

This past week was BRUTAL, but I must make this week as brutal if not more. ;)

I am in the "ZONE" and ready to succeed.

It's so nice to read all the inspiring blogs. So many it is hard to keep up. But I want to thank ALL of you for your inspiration. It really keeps me going in the right direction.

thirtysomething posted in her blog about English Toffee Stevia. I must get me some of this! ;)

Let's keep Eating Clean, Training Hard and DREAMIN BIG!


Stef said...

The ZONE is a nice place to be. I am there too!


Colorado Kid said...

Thanks CHAMP for your kind words... Stay Strong..


Trojan said...

it's great stuff will become addicted.Kudos on the great workout!!!!!

C2 said...

Whewhoo, look at you go! :)