Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ready for a new week.

I am feeling better about week #2.

I am going to be more organized and my workouts and meals will NOT suffer. I am feeling more of a routine coming on. :)

My plan will be cardio in the am and then an upper body workout with the gals I work with in the pm.

meals will be squeaky clean and I will down my water.

I will get some pics tomorrow and post them.

Hope everyone else has a great week and remember....

Fail to Plan...Plan to Fail!


zooman said...

So where are the pics,lol. How's the new plan working out? Somebody has to keep an eye on you,lol.

C2 said...

Sounds like you aren't going to let anything defeat you Sweetie! Stay strong!

Can't wait to see the new pictures!


~ Elizabeth

Lori said...

Tracy where are you???

Suz said...

Hi darlin. If you are reading this...I have your book still. You want me to bring it with me to TN??? XO love ya!